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7th Grade Computer Rollout 2021


Times/ Date for FMS Laptop Rollout:
July 29th, 7:30am - 10am and 11am- 1pm


Requirements for Rollout:

*Bring these documents with you if you have not already completed this portion of registration.* 

1. Updated residency Group 1 (Property Deed, mortgage document, original homestead application, mortgage payment) and Group 2 (Current Utility Bill - cannot be late or overdue, electricity, cable, water).

2. Current Form 121 indicating recent tDap required of all students entering 7th grade.


3. Laptop fee must be paid before the laptop will be issued to the student. The $50 fee can be paid at the school, cash only exact amount, we cannot make change. You may also pay online at RCSD and search 1 to 1 payment.

Link for online payment(Payment Required)


4. Signed document stating that you and your child viewed the Acceptable Use Policy and the Meet Your Mac Google Slide. You will sign this at the school when you come to pick up the laptop. Please use the links below to view this information before you come to Roll-out.

Acceptable Use Policy(Viewing Required)

Meet Your Mac Google Slide Presentation (Viewing Required)


Please call the office at Florence Middle School if you have any questions.