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Summer Reading Challenge

RCSD Middle/High School Summer Reading Challenge

Ready to challenge your reading? To try new authors or genres you haven’t read before? All while having fun? The RCSD Summer Reading Challenge is here! We couldn’t be more excited to share these fun prompts. Ready. Set. Read!


What is the challenge?

The summer challenge is made up of 33 unique prompts. Match a prompt with a book. The goal is to try new authors or genres, push ourselves to read more, read differently, and most importantly… to have fun!


How does it work?

  1. Using the list, match one book to a prompt. Be creative!

  2. When: May 2022-August 2022

  3. After you finish, complete the book recommendation form and look for your thought son RCSD social media.

  4. Repeat!


Read a book…

By an author whose last name starts with the same initial as yours

With a character with superhuman abilities

Whose title starts with the same letter as your first name

With a wealthy character

About nature

That is a second-person narrative

Published this year

With chapter titles

With a magical element

That is a non-fiction bestseller

Involving the art world

That involves a second chance

That is told from a villain’s perspective

Released the year you were born

Set on at least two continents

Based on a real person

That contains an unlikely detective

That is technology themes

With a five-syllable title

That is part of a series

With an animal in the name

That is a memoir

Over 500 pages long

About sports

About science

About health and wellness

With a bilingual character

Involving water

With a job title in the title

Set in the 1800s

With a map in the front

Of poetry

With a one-word title