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Semester Exam Schedule


December 2023 Semester Exam Schedule

Monday, 12/18                 

       1A Exam / 2A Exam

Tuesday, 12/19

       1B Exam / 2B Exam

Wednesday, 12/20

*Flipped Schedule 

       3A Exam / 4A Exam

Thursday, 12/21

*Flipped Schedule 

       3B Exam / 4B Exam
Friday, 12/22
*Early Dismissal
       Make-up exams as needed



***Note that tested subjects (6th, 7th, and 8th ELA and Math, and 8th Science) will be taking benchmark tests as exams.


Students may not check out during exam blocks. Bell schedule times will be adjusted to give more time to blocks during exams. Specific times will be sent out through Remind.

Exemptions for Semester Courses

Students in a semester course may be exempted if the following criteria are met:


Attendance     Semester Average
0-1 absence      70­ and above
2 absence           80 and above
3 absences         90 and above


Students who are eligible for exemption will have the option to take an exam if they feel it will improve their grade.

All absences will be counted except those that are school related such as athletic, band, choir contests or school-­based club trips. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation of any school-related absence. Students who receive an out­-of-­school suspension at any time during the year will NOT be exempt from any exam.


For the purpose of exam exemption, three (3) tardies = 1 absence. 


Students with missing work are ineligible for exemption from taking exams.


Students shall not be informed of their exemption status until the day prior to the exam schedule beginning. Students are expected to attend class on review days.