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Semester Exam Schedule


Monday, 12/14 - 3A

Tuesday, 12/15 - 5B & 6B

Wednesday, 12/16 - 1A & 2A

Thursday, 12/17 - 7B & 8B (flipped schedule)

Friday, 12/18 - 4A (half day; only 4A will meet)

Note: 7th/8th Math and ELA take benchmarks as exams and the schedules may differ slightly. Teachers will communicate benchmark schedule to students and parents. 


Also note that 7th and 8th grade students in semester courses may be exempt from final exams if they have at least an 85 average for the semester (S1 average). Exemption status will be communicated to students one class block prior to the exam.


Year long courses may only be exempt from the final exam in May. 


Bell Schedule for Exam Week



1A: 7:50-9:16

2A: 9:21-10:47

3A: 10:52-1:19 (Exam block)

4A: 1:24-2:50



1st: 7:50-9:36 (5B/1A Exam block)

2nd: 9:41-11:27 (6B/2A Exam block)

3rd: 11:32-1:29

4th: 1:34-2:50


Thursday - Flipped Schedule

1st: 7:50-9:36 (7B Exam block)

2nd: 9:41-11:27 (8B Exam block)

3rd: 11:32-1:29 (5B)

4th: 1:34-2:50 (6B)


Friday - 4A only

Students will have breakfast and then begin exams.

Dismissal: 10:45